First Tokyo Trip

Experience Tokyo with the Cultured Gaijin. Make it feel like the First Time!


Imagine being privately shown around Tokyo by a long-lost expat friend that has lived and breathed the culture for 45 years. His personal account of this ancient culture started in July 1977 when he stepped foot on top of Mount Fuji twelve hours after landing in Tokyo, slept his first night on the mountain top, and arose the next morning to the Hinomaru - the rising sun. Yes, he literally experienced the meaning of "the land of the rising sun" from day one. A personal and private Tokyo experience is on offer.

A true raconteur of everything Japan, his recently published book, Cultured Gaijin - A Japan Memoir of Bushido Beginnings, only scratches the surface of stories of his Japan experience he wants to share with you.

Here is your chance to catch up with him in Tokyo and enjoy a lunch or dinner for more tales about Japanese culture and history. You’ll be put on the right path to experience the best Tokyo has to offer!

Make your first day in Tokyo special and join the

Five-Star Tokyo Cultural Experience Tour
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